One of the miracles of photography is that it is a four-way experience. I have found that there is an almost mystical relationship between my taking a photograph and the subject of the photograph.

One part of the relationship is technical: the lighting, composition, colors,shadows, exposure, depth of field, shutter speed, and getting the picture in focus. All of that is critical to a good picture.

Then there are the more subtle parts.

When I take a photo, I am not only seeing the subject, but the subject is in relationship with me and the camera, and is seeing you back. So the capturing of an image at the highest sense of the word is really, in a good way, capturing the Spirit of the person or object and of capturing the interaction between myself and them. What I see is only a part of the picture. Who and what sees them back is the other part.

And the same thing applies to the bioanimistic nature of the world. If I take a picture of a rock, I'm really taking a picture of the relationship between me and the rock, but also the relationship that the rock, mountain, river, or animal has with me.

So when I've been taking the photos I just put into my album, I chose those photos that show that relationship with what I was taking the picture of. To feel and perhaps to capture the deep heart connection I was feeling for the "object" or animal I was photographing.

And then comes the forth part of the equation. When a third party, you, views the finished photograph and is given the opportunity to enter the story that occurred when the photograph was taken. To be allowed to enter that magical moment when the shutter is pushed, when the photographer, the subject, the camera, and the viewer become one.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me.